Wolf Ways

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This morning we had a special guest named Maryanne who is a WolfWays educator from Oregon Wild. She came to teach us all about wolves, a beautiful animal that   We looked at the difference between pretend wolves who dress up like grandma and try to trick children and real wolves who are very shy and afraid of humans. We learned about the family structure of the wolf pack, how wolves care for their young, who watches the baby wolves while the parents are gone, the different types of fur they have, what they like to eat, how large their paws are and more. We watched a couple short videos of real wolves playing, howling and eating. We were told the story of Journey, the famous Oregon wolf who traveled all over the state, to California and back to Oregon to find a mate.  We even got to feel real wolf fur that was shed by wolves at a wolf sanctuary! After the wolf presentation the children immediately turned into their own wolf pack and played and howled like wolves all morning. A couple children  made a den for the baby wolf pups, just like real mama wolves do.


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