Wishing Caroline Well

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By Katee

Today we said farewell to a special friend- Caroline.  The children worked together to make her a card yesterday- painted in watercolor, and filled with wishes.  We talked about what it feels like to move to a new place or new house, and how it feels to leave a familiar home.  The children shared stories of moving and the “mixed-up feelings” that come with it.  Then we wanted to come up with well wishes for Caroline to write in a card as we do with birthdays, and special transitions.  So we talked about taking long trips, things we like to have when we go on long trips, and what things Caroline might like.

The children wished her snacks, cakes, stuffed animals, a big moving truck, a portable t.v., and even a camera to take pictures of the journey. Caroline joined us today for morning circle to say farewell and we presented our special card.  As we read aloud each wish, many of the children remembered exactly which wish was theirs and perked up, then got up to give Caroline hugs and high-fives, one by one.

Then we sang our familiar “We Wish You Well” song to Caroline to send her off with love and song.

We wish you well Caroline!


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