Who Is Joey?

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An Autobiographical Blog by Joey Kirsten Voxnaes

Hi, friends!  You know me as Joey, but I go by many names  in other places.  My family calls me Tamara (which rhymes with camera), which is my given first name.  My friends call me Kirsten, which is my given middle name.  I always wished that Kirsten were my given first name, so I started going by it about 5 years ago.  (Adults get to change their names whenever they want!  It’s really cool!)  You can still call me Joey!  It’s a fun name that is easy to say.  =)

I have a lot of hobbies, and I love animals, food, and people!  Below are some pictures to share with your friends and family so that you can learn more about who I am when I’m not at school.

I used to have a dog that I named Chali.  I adopted him in Arizona two years ago while I was on vacation.  Sadly, Chali died just before Halloween of 2018 (a few short months ago).  I miss him dearly because he was an amazing best friend!  I hope to adopt another dog later this year.  Best friends are important to have nearby!

This is a picture of my hometown, Savannah, Georgia.  Savannah is surrounded by ocean and swamps, and this is a picture of a river that leads from the swamps to the ocean.  I love going crabbing and also swimming in the many rivers in my hometown.  I love that the Atlantic Ocean is calm enough to body surf on its waves!  I miss swimming in the ocean.

This is a pair of shoes that I painted with my friends.  I have a couple of friends that are really good at painting.  I am not very good at painting but I still think it is a lot of fun.  I like to paint with bright colors.

I did not paint this, but I found it outside when I was walking around a city called Atlanta, Georgia.  I went to college in Atlanta to study the Spanish language and also psychology, a science about people.  I still have friends that live in Atlanta and I like to visit them.  I took this picture after eating at a restaurant with my friends.  Can you see what the words say?  “You Are The Universe”


I really love climbing trees and teaching other people how to climb trees safely and responsibly.  This is a picture I took of my friend, Sapphire, after I taught her how to safely climb this tree using ropes and carrabiners.  We had a lot of fun!  We also went camping near Roseburg, Oregon, and climbed lots of trees there.


This is a picture of my parents from this past Christmas.  They live in Savannah, Georgia.  My mother also grew up in Savannah, Georgia but my father is from Denmark, in Europe.  I flew on an airplane to go visit them in Georgia for Christmas.  When I got there, we cooked a big meal together.  Then, my sister, her husband, their child, and the husband’s parents all came over for a big Christmas Eve dinner.  The next day, Christmas Day, we went to my sister’s house to eat breakfast and open presents.

This is a picture of my nephew, Jaxon.  My nephew is my sister’s child.  Jaxon is 11 months old in this picture!  His birthday is January 19, so he will be 1 year old this year.  Jaxon loves his book that makes farm animal noises.  We read it twice!  I will send Jaxon more books as gifts for his birthday.

My parents and I ate a lot of delicious food around Christmas time so we decided to all work out together.  We are standing on pilates chairs after doing a pilates style work out at the local YMCA near my parents’ house.  Pilates is not hard and we had a lot of fun.  I love exercising!  I like to do yoga at home and ride my bicycle around Portland.  I also love dancing!

This is my friend Charlotte.  She is 4 years old and lives in a city nearby called Eugene.  I am friends with Charlotte’s mom, too.  I like to visit Charlotte and her mom on the weekends when I have extra time and money.  Charlotte, her mom, and I like to eat ice cream and go to the park together.  We also like to watch movies.


This picture was taken at the Elm House Holiday Party that happened a month ago here in Portland.  All of the teachers got dressed up and ate fancy food together.  We had so much fun that we took a picture all laughing together after dinner.  I love working at Elm House!

Thanks for reading this short story about my life.  I hope you enjoyed it!

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