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by Mage

Yesterday during our staff meeting, Bee brought to our attention that some of the parents in our community may not be aware of why we close early on Wednesdays and what is happening during that time. We were all a little surprised, and decided that we should make sure everyone is aware of what is happening. This was also a good reminder for me (or really, the kick in the pants I needed) that I’d been telling myself that this year I would write blog posts about our staff meetings regularly. I’d been taking photos and keeping documents for this purpose, but must admit that I haven’t prioritized blog posting for myself.

When we close at 4 pm on Wednesdays, it is so we can have staff meetings from 4-6 pm. These meetings are usually held at Elm House, though once every month or two we have an all staff meeting at the preschool, and once in awhile we go off-site for a change of headspace or for inspiration. We talk extensively about the children at these meetings, and much of our curriculum and documentation is drawn from our conversations at these meetings. We also have staff trainings, because our license requires at least 16 hours of trainings for each teacher per year. I recently became a certified trainer, so that means I can conduct many of these trainings so teachers won’t have to pay for trainings in our community and go to them in their much-needed downtime. This is also an opportunity for us to discuss logistics and agreements–that’s how things run smoothly and we can provide the consistency the children deserve.

At our most recent meeting, which was yesterday, we discussed the upcoming Culminating Documentation Party that will be held on May 30th at 5 pm. We chose one theme to focus on as a group this year, an interest that the children have had all year long: balance. We hashed out some ideas for what topics to cover in our documentation, and ways to involve the families so you can experience the learning for yourselves. Lauren talked about making mobiles or having other kinetic work available. Bee talked about setting up the backyard for opportunities to construct obstacle courses. Megan and Iternity were more interested in exploring concepts of emotional balance, such as how relationships change and create a balanced school community.


Looking forward to sharing more with you on our future staff meetings. And of course, can’t wait to share our documentation with you later this month.


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