What is circle time?

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Today was a really great day. We got to play outside a lot and get to know each other better. A lot of our work this first week of school is about getting to know one another, making ourselves comfortable in a new space, getting used to a new group and learning to trust that you are safe away from your family with new caregivers. Another large part of our work in the first couple of weeks is about logistics. What is circle time? How do I wait in line? Where do I put my napkin? How do I find my spot at the table? How do I get the snack on my plate? There are sooo many things that we are learning at every minute of every day at preschool. Here are some of those things-

Since we will be at circle time 3 times a day, we thought it was important to explain what we do at circle time. This morning we focused on creating circle time agreements.

Agreement #1: Sit criss cross applesauce on the edge of the rug.

Agreement #2: Raise your “silent candle” if you’d like a turn to talk.

Agreement #3: If you’d like to touch, ask to hold hands with a friend next to you.

We also learned how to serve our own snack

Then at our lunch time circle, before lining up to wash hands for lunch, we focused on the difficult task of how to form a line. We told a story using little people figurines and had the kids help them line up for the bathroom.

Then we practiced it ourselves!


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