What happened to Nick?

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by Alisha

Yesterday something big happened!  Nick is one of our persona dolls that we introduced last week. The children have already made lots of connections with him. Some of the children who were not here yesterday noticed something was different about him right when they walked in this morning. What happened to Nick???

So today at circle we worked together to tell the story of what happened at circle the day before…

DB: What happened to Nick?

Katee: What happened to Nick? MC?

MC: He broke his arm!

Katee: Who could tell us how did Nick break his arm?

SM: He was swinging on a swing and he saw somebody else jump off so he said “I wanna do that!” and he broked his arm.

Katee: Yeah, Nick was swinging on a swing and tried to jump off like superman on a swing and landed hard, right on his right arm. And he landed funny and broke it!

DB: Like LG!!

Katee: Yes, like LG. LG, do you have a connection with that?

(LG nods head)

Katee: So what did we do first? Because Nick was talking to Alisha  and he told Alisha that he just got really hurt. So what did we do first? LS?

LS: um… he jumped from the swing and he fell down and then he hurt his arm!

FC: Was anywhere here to see???

Katee: Raise your hand if you were here yesterday to see Nick get a cast and even help make the cast?

(many children raise hand)

Katee: Yeah, a lot of people saw that! But first, before the cast was made, we had to help Nick the best we could with what we had at school.

Children offered to get Nick an ice pack, a pillow and even some beautiful art for Nick to hold while he waited for the doctor. LG reassured Nick with his words, “It’s going to be okay Nick. It’s going to be okay.” We did volcano breaths while we waited for Dr. Katie to arrive

LG: A pillow and an ice pack!

Katee: A pillow! Did we get a pillow so he could lay down?

LG: No, that’s for Nick to rest his broken arm.

DB: Yeah! Like you!

Katee: LG said that really helped him!

BS: I broke my arm when I fell off the swing. And I broke it!

Alisha: You fell off the swing and hurt your arm too?

BS: and I broke it!

When the children realized a real doctor was coming into our classroom, they could hardly believe it. They jumped up and down, giggling, excited to see what would happen!

Katee: Wow!

LG:I know another person who broke his arm but it was his left arm?

Alisha: Oh! You know another person who broke his arm.

LG: His left arm.

Alisha: His left arm. And what arm did you break?

LG: My right arm.

EB: And then you called my mommy!!!

Katee: and why did we call EB and AB’s mommy?

AB: Because she’s a doctor!

(lots of people start talking about how she’s a real doctor!)

Alisha: Does anyone remember what I said when we called their mommy?

HE: I do! You said that Nick broke his arm!

Alisha: Yeah! And I said that we need help.

Katee: So then… Dr. Katie came in the door with her doctor scrub uniform and her doctor bag and she showed us pictures of something on her ipad. Do you remember?

LG: Bones!

Katee: Yeah, bones! They were X ray pictures of bones. And what your bones should look like and what they might look like if they were broken. This is a special machine. The X ray machine takes pictures to past your skin. It can see through your skin to your bones.

(Kids start talking about different X rays that they have had before, like at the dentist)

Alisha: Raise your  hand if you have had an X ray taken of your body?

(many children raise hand)

Katee: So Dr. Katie came and she brought her doctor kit and she showed us X rays and listened to Nicks….

ER: Heart

Katee: Yes! And passed around a stethoscope so we could listen to our heartbeats and then what else did she pass around?

unkown: Soft!

Katee: What was that?

EP: Well when I went to the dentist I got an X ray on my grown up tooths!

Alisha: You got an X ray too! Do you all remember when LG said his cast was soft on the inside?

(kids say yeah)

Katee: Well look at Nick’s cast! It is soft on the inside and his friends got to help build the inside of the cast with all of the little tiny soft pieces so it would still be comfy. So LG’s cast is really hard on the outside and soft and comfy on the inside. And then Dr Katie showed us this special wrap and she had to get it wet and felt squishy and she wrapped it around and then it got hard!

Katee: Nick got the help from our friends here at school and got help from a real doctor. And he has a sling.

DB: The same as LG!

Katee: Yeah, similar to LG! Thank you everyone for helping me retell that story.

Children gently wrapped Nicks arm with soft stuff, rubbed his back and reassured him that he would feel better soon

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  1. This is so amazing to read! Thank you. And that picture of LG with Nick is so sweet. I hope this helps LG feel better!

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