What does this say?

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By Kerry

It is a natural progression for the children to start getting excited about letters and wanting to create words with the letters they know. First they try their own names and later their family and friends’ names. Lately, teachers have been asked how to spell certain words so the children can make notes to take home.  The link between writing and reading is the understanding that the letters they are learning represent sounds and when you put the sounds together in a certain way you create words!

Today at the art table, LS, HE and EB were practicing all the letters they know. HE asked me, “What does this say?”. I get excited when the kids ask me this because I love reading what sounds and words they create.  I did my best to read out the words she had created with her letters. We laughed a lot and then the table went into a flurry of letter writing. After every few letters they’d ask, “What does this say?” I’d read their secret language back to them and we’d laugh. After many pages of writing we had to take a break for snack but I’m sure we’ll get to play this game again soon.

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  1. Oh yes, we get a lot of these at home lately. Seeing her write her name is thrilling
    Her big sister used to fill out pages of her own language.

  2. As a retired schoolteacher I find this exciting. The amazing thing is often what they write with practice we can interpret. I can’t wait to see more writing. Grandma Judy

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