Welcoming Winter

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By Katee

We are still technically in autumn but as we woke to December this weekend, we are looking ahead to winter.  We welcome winter with warm tea parties and glittery art projects, we welcome winter with sniffles, hand washing lessons, and donations of tissues (thank you Katie!), and we welcome winter in our classroom with some of our favorite songs.  We’ll share some of them at the start of our Winter Crafternoon, but I thought I’d link some here since I get a lot of requests from families for the songs they hear their child trying to recall.  I will have chords written out for anyone interested, but here are the songs:

This is a piece of a somewhat elusive song called Hurry Hurry. I tried to find a link to the orignal, but it seems it’s a song I learned passed down word of mouth and not spread through the internet much.  The animals are all using different senses to warn that winter is coming. Here the children are black bears, blinking their blinkety eyes at the sight of storm clouds.

Our newest song is simple tune about the seasons, created by Soundplay Australia in collaboration with a Reggio Emilia Early Learning Center.

Here’s a song we picked up last year that quickly became a favorite. It’s about hibernation, and if you don’t know it yet you’re sure to have it stuck in your head in this goofy voice all day to help you with that.


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