Welcome, Kame-chan!

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by Alisha

Today was the end of an era and the start of a new one! Our friend Tortuga Marina is no longer with us.

Tortuga Marina

Tortuga is a turtle who travels from child to child, exploring the the world through the eyes of each family. At the end of your child’s turn with Tortuga, a photo log is made in Tortuga’s journal. She has been on many adventures with us over the last 8 years. She’s been to many different states, in all kinds of weather and has been a comfort to many of our friends. But now she’s on to her greatest adventure yet! We are sad that we might not get to see her again but we all wondered… Where did she go??

And while Tortuga is on her adventure, we have a new special traveling friend!

Meet Kame-chan

Name:  Kame- chan. The Takasaki’s taught us that turtle in Japanese is “Kame”. Oftentimes, “-chan” is added onto the end of little, young or cute things as a kind of term of endearment so we thought that Kame-chan would be the perfect name for our new turtle!

Gender: Non Binary. For Kame-chan, this means that they feel a little bit like a girl and a little bit like a boy!

Pronouns: They/ them.  When Kame-chan gets to go to your home, use it as an opportunity to practice using they/them pronouns with your whole family, especially if you don’t have a lot of people in your life using these pronouns.

Here is some basic info on pronouns and why they are important, including they/them pronouns

EP got to draw a name for who Kame-chan would visit first…

Drum roll please………




It’s AD!Have fun with Kame-chan! They are excited to spend time with AD and with all the children in our class for years to come!

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