We Are Mermaids

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by Alisha

This morning at circle time we read a new addition to our school library, a book called Julian is a Mermaid. The book follows a young boy named Julian and his Abuela on their bus ride home. Julian sees some beautiful mermaids and imagines himself as one.  When he gets home, he uses items around the house to become a mermaid.

After we read the book, many of the children expressed interest in becoming mermaids themselves! So we made a spur of the moment mermaid dress up choice for explore time. We used scarves, fake flowers, face paint and music to transform ourselves into mermaids (yes, I transformed into a mermaid as well). We imagined how it would feel to be dancing and swimming under the sea. After an hour of this choice, the other children came in from outside. The mermaids performed a mermaid dance for lunch circle.  Now there is a waiting list for the next time we have a mermaid choice!

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