Water Beads

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By Bee

The last couple of days you may have heard your child mention water beads. We’ve been working with these wonderful creations this past week. The children, and staff, are absolutely enamored with them. This afternoon we laid the bin in the afternoon sunlight, and it was pure magic. Here are some images as well as the children’s reflections.

“So many colors!”

“They’re squishy! Wet.”

We realized we could hold them with the light behind them and magnify the rest of the bin and the work that was happening there. This led to some very interesting observations.

“They have a secret inside!”

“They have a witch! No…a wish! A wish!”

“This one is a blueberry!”

At one point the children placed the beads in my hand one by one and asked the colors. “This ones white, and this one too!” “I like the purple.”

“Blue, blue!”

“Shhhh, we gotta listen to ’em.”

“Im scoopin it in here. It’s hiding.”

“They’re bouncing! That’s so silly, Bee!”

“We gotta fill it allllllll up. Then I can get them out! I’ll share with you.”

“It has babies! So tiny!”


I’m sure if you share these images with your children they will have even more reflections to share with you! Let us know what they say in the comments below. Personally, I am very curios about the wishes and the secrets that they children see hidden inside. What could they be?

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