Watching, Waiting

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by Katee

Today at circle time Alisha talked about the changing of the seasons on our trees outside.  We have a beautiful view right from our circle rug of the many varied branches outside that encircle our yard.  So the children stared outside with Alisha as she narrated the changes we’ve seen this year. “Do you remember when school started this fall and these branches were SO full of leaves? And then what happened to them?”

“They fell off!” many children shouted

Alisha said, “They turned beautiful colors and fell to the ground. Do you remember the leaf piles?”

“Yes! And I still love to jump in leaves!”- ER

“And then the piles were cleared and the winter came. But now it’s spring, and what is happening out there on those branches?”

“Tiny leaves!” many yelled

“Katee and I saw so many tiny leaf buds, and little leaves coming out on all the branches in our Tulip Tree. I reached up and picked one to show everyone.”

Alisha passed around a piece of heavy paper with the tiniest leaf adhered in the corner.

“It’s so small and still folded- it hasn’t even opened all the way yet.  I laminated it in plastic and put it on this piece of paper. Next I wrote the date underneath it when I picked it- April 5th.  I also left room to add more leaves on different days so we can watch how they are growing.”

The children passed the leaf, feeling it underneath it’s plastic coating and comparing it to the size of their fingers.

“I also picked a leaf today,” Alisha continued, “would you like to see it?”

“Yes! yes!”, the room echoed.

This newest leaf is larger and open- revealing the familiar outline of our namesake tree.


“We still have room to add more leaves as we wait and watch our tree. How big do you think the leaves will be next week?”

Many children held up their hands to demonstrate their prediction on this question.

We’ll just have to keep waiting, watching, and wondering as the spring unfolds!


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