Two Eyes, a Nose and a Mouth

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by Alisha

We have been working on our drawing self portraits. This is a project we do twice each year. Once at the beginning of the year, and once at the end, along with many other portrait projects in between. We talk about the shape of our facial features and look closely to notice small details we may have not noticed yet. We start to notice that we are all similar and all different! Here is a  poem made from the children’s words as they drew their faces these past couple of weeks-

My lips are fuller and squishy

I think mine go out far like a smile

Eyes like almonds

Eyebrows like rainbows

I have two holes in my nose

My teeth are like fangs

Millions of teeth

My hair is long long long

My hair stands all up

I have a big chin like this

My neck goes down

My ears are like a little “C”

Little dots all over

A big round head!



Here is a gallery of some of the finished self portraits so far-

(Click for closer view)

2 Comments on “Two Eyes, a Nose and a Mouth”

  1. So amazing to see the kids drawing what they see. It seems like a significant milestone in their development. They continue to surprise us!

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