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By Nora

The children have been really passionate lately about keeping the neighborhood litter-free. Last month, the topic of “marine debris” came up, and the children were appalled to learn that there is trash in the ocean that can hurt animals. We have been talking about what we can do in our own lives to keep trash out of the ocean. One initiative that they have really latched on to is walking around the neighborhood picking up trash with tongs. The past 3 Fridays we have done trash walks in the afternoon around the block! Everyone has been SO enthusiastic about this, and it takes us about 30 minutes to make it around the block because they are often looking so carefully for things that people have forgotten, dumped, or dropped. Below are some photos from last Friday’s trash walk. Afterwards, we measured how much trash we collected next to our bodies. We ended up having a pile as tall as Synny and another pile taller than Luca. I am thinking this could turn into a sort of waste audit of the neighborhood… We will continue to do these walks once a week and photographing our findings!

5 Comments on “Trash Walks”

  1. how amazing is this?! I wonder how much this could inspire our wider community, including the high school across the street, businesses and neighbors to help keep our streets/water ways cleaner? Great work TTPS!

  2. Luca leads us on trash walks around our house now, too! Grateful for this work — it’s so important. 🙂

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