The walls of the classroom as our canvas

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By Mage

This morning was unexpectedly rainy, and some of our children have been recovering from illness. We decided to hang out inside. Recently, Bee showed us an example of another school’s art studio, where the children had painted on paper stretched across the wall. We all thought this would be a great activity for our children at some point in the near future. Well, since we were staying inside today, and the Den is in need of some fresh art and documentation to inspire us all, it seemed like this was as good a time as any to use the walls of the classroom as our canvas.

The children were focused and spent a lot of time drawing at the wall. I saw big, sweeping motions where children used their full bodies to reach around the paper. I saw tiny, tight lines, and everything in between. The children gave us the markers when they were ready to play in the rest of the Den, showing us that they understood what a privilege it was to be able to draw on such a traditionally forbidden place as the wall.

I’d like to do this with the children again. I also wonder how children would respond to images of street art, and what connections they’d make to our own work at school, and their lives.

2 Comments on “The walls of the classroom as our canvas”

  1. I love this reflection, Mage. I am so intrigued about your wondering related to street art. Personally, I would love to use the projector to project animals onto the big white paper and allow the children to trace/draw/color what they see.

  2. Beautiful! ZS’s Dad loves checking out the big burner tags on trains, and this form of street art may be familiar to ZS to explore.

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