The Gift of Song

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by katee

Sometimes, on special occasion, I like to write songs with the children.  I’ve learned that the process has to be somewhat swift or it all falls apart and they don’t really have fun with it any longer.  I usually give the children a topic and we just throw out ideas, and knowledge, and feelings that swirl around that topic for us.  Then I ask them about tempo and tune and give them a couple melodies of C,F,G on the ukulele to choose from.  After that is decided, we fit in the list of ideas we came up with and try to make it catchy!  I write the words on a large piece of paper, and we add pictures to help the children read and remember the lyrics too. It’s a lot of creative work to do in a short period of time, but it’s pretty much always my favorite songs.

This week, we gave the children the topic of ‘MOM’! They decided the tempo ought to be slow, then fast. They came up with some things they like to do with the Moms in their lives and the feelings they have about Mom.  Mostly they just went around repeating, “I love my Mom so, so much!”, and “I love my Momma so, so, so, so, so, so, so much!”.  Sometimes you might not be able to describe the how, what, or why, but you just know you love your Mom with a lot of “so’s” in there!  SO…without further blog blabbing- here it is- a song for all the Moms in our lives!


Hope everyone has a fun weekend celebrating the Mothers in your life!

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