Sweet Surprises

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By Bee

Yesterday morning, as with most mornings, I walked quietly over to the hallway and opened the gate. I moved into the space and let the open walkway be my silent invitation. Immediately AB noticed and walked over to join me. HB, who has joined me every day for the past couple of weeks, loudly declared, “AND ME! I WANT TO!!!” I nodded and waved him in. Megan turned to DG, who is new to our community and not yet familiar with our routine.

“DG, I see that Bee is quietly inviting friends down to the Nest. Would you like to go down with her?”

“Yes, Nest!” was his enthusiastic reply.

WS noticed what was happening, and began walking over. He dropped his toy quickly en route, very aware that we have an agreement about materials staying in their designated rooms. I smiled at his excitement as we patiently waited for him to get to the hallway. Then, suddenly, WS pivoted, walking away from the hallway.

“Whoa! Changed your mind, buddy?” Megan laughed as he almost collided with her. “That’s different!” I exclaimed, surprised at WS’s change of heart, especially because most mornings he chooses to join me in the Nest.

I waved in CG who had been waiting to see if there was space in my group. CG walked over, and as I was watching I noticed WS again. He was back at the bunny he had flung to the floor. He picked it up, toddled as quickly as he could to the bin it belonged in, put it away, and then came running back.

WS hadn’t changed his mind about joining us in the Nest, he had changed his mind about leaving his materials on the floor. I was shocked.

It is one thing to want to do the best you can…it is another thing to realize you could have done more, AND THEN DECIDE TO GO BACK AND DO IT.

How many times in your life have you been rushing to the car, realized you had left a little chore incomplete, and said, “Eh! I’ll get to it later. It can wait.”

Personally, I think I am sitting at just over 8 million times.

I knelt down by the gate to speak with WS as he returned.

“WS!!! You walked away and I thought you were leaving, but I watched you and you went to go clean up that stuffie you were using.”


“Thank you so much, WS! It really helps everyone when we take care of our materials like that. Wow, bud! I see you smiling. I wonder if you’re feeling proud. I am. I have a hug for you if you want one.”

WS grinned up at me, his eyes giving me an emphatic, “Yes!”


In the afternoon I found myself privy to another delightful scene. I was taking a group to the cubby room to get ready for outside. HA and CG were both with me, and they have been quite the dynamic duo lately. They rushed to get on their shoes, and then HA slid open her cubby.

“Look, CG, look! My big pink bunny! I love it so much! It goes in my crib.”

She gave her bunny a HUGE squeeze as she talked to CG about her adoration for this special stuffie. HA pulled the bunny away from her chest and looked at it. She looked up at CG.

“Here, CG.” She thrust out the bunny. “You hold my bunny. It’s my favorite and you’re my best friend. I love you. Yeah! Hug it!”

CG opened her arms in sheer delight, truly in awe to be offered the opportunity to hold HA’s coveted stuffie. She gave it a big hug just as HA had instructed, and together the children laughed and laughed. <3

I wonder if there has been a moment lately when your child has surprised you. Please share in the comments!

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