Summer Time Lawn Games

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By Lauren: Lawn games may be one of my favorite parts of summer. There’s nothing quite like gathering outside with friends for a leisurely afternoon of game playing! Well, yesterday at Elm House, we introduced a new game to the children: cornhole! We also brought out the bat for some teacher-guided batting practice.

At first, we set a tube on the ground as a line for the children to stand behind before tossing the beanbags. Then, children started to notice that they could make it easier or harder by standing different distances away from the hole. WS discovered he could have 100% success by getting right up to the hole, while HA quickly decided it might be easier with a bucket separate from the other children. LR gathered all the beanbags for one toss into the hole and seemed very proud of the results!

For batting practice, turn taking really took center stage. Children lined up a safe distance from our makeshift tee to patiently wait their turns. Children were thrilled with the results of their batting and often lined up for second and third turns. I loved watching the variety of swing techniques! Some swung backwards, some simply poked the ball and some clearly had seen some baseball and stepped right up like a real baseball player!

Games are so great for development. They help support turn taking and develop a sense of community. At this age, children don’t quite understand the concept of winning or losing, or of trying to compete with friends. Which is something I really appreciate about toddlers, they play the game just to play the game! I hope you enjoy the photos from our afternoon of games and stay tuned for our next game exploration: bowling!

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