Sprouts for Spring

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by Katee

All this talk about spring has gotten us sprouting ideas all over the classroom!  Kerry has been doing a lot of different work around seeds, and this week I brought in a fun and easy seed project to share with the children- growing edible sprouts in a jar!  If you like to eat sprouts and haven’t tried this at home, I highly recommend it, and your preschooler can show you how! Just look at all these we grew in one jar in 5 days:


Twice a day the children rinsed the seeds themselves-

  1. fill pitcher with water and pour into jar (with screen lid)
  2. swirl water around carefully
  3. pour water out into a bowl and dump it down the sink.

Then yesterday we put it in a sunny window to help the leaves turn green and today they were ready!





Today we got to feast upon our hard work at lunch time. Some children were hesitant at first, but almost everyone tried them and loved them. They wanted to take pictures of the little sprouts growing out of their mouths. Can you guess who these sprouting lips belong to?

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  1. These look so yummy. I want to try! Is one of the students interested in drawing me some instructions to follow?
    <3 Bee

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