Space & Face Parent Night!

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by Katee

Last night was our first parent night of the year and we had so much fun playing with everyone who was able to attend.  Snacks were had, some curriculum was explained, and then parents got to go to the materials and explore for themselves.

We explained that space has been a huge emergent curriculum in our classroom so far this year. It emerged from several children building rocket ships, getting excited about our astronaut costume, and a continued interest in night time since our exploration of camping this summer.  Teachers are always listening for these sparks and our job is to help facilitate the flame.  We offered them space exploration through projections, through story and research books, construction, painting, cutting, songs and dance, playdough and slime, red and sparkly sand, and anything silver we could find.  We have talked about the weather through space, moon phases, engineering, and taking care of our “goldilocks” planet- Earth. It seems space has had a part in everything we do around here these days!

We also talked about exploring faces.  We knew that we would be doing self portraits around this time of year, and so exploring faces was a teacher- led curriculum.  Our self portraits are important work- and the children feel how special it is.  The first goal in Anti-Bias Education is to develop a sense of self first- through exploration of identity, home, family pride, etc.  We got to work filling our classroom with mirrors this year, and finding so many ways to explore basic elements of a face and how they are arranged to be a precursor to our self portrait work.

So last night we set the tables…



Parents got their hands in the sensory materials, the loose parts, built a rocket ship, and even tried their hand at their own self-portraits!

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