So many birthdays!

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By Amber

Last month we celebrated MH’s 4th birthday! It was a very special celebration because his grandparents were able to join us!

We saw some baby pictures of MH and he showed us his special froggy stuffy.

Happy Birthday MH!

This month we celebrated FOUR birthdays in the last two weeks!

NC turned 5! This is his last year at TT and will be going to kindergarten in the fall.

Happy 5th Birthday NC!

LW turned 4! Her parents brought lots of photos of LW as a baby and told us about fun times they had in the snow in Vermont!

Happy 4th Birthday LW! You’re getting so big!

LG had his 4th birthday as well. He brought two very special turtles named the Becketts. Big Beckett and Baby Beckett.

Happy 4th Birthday LG! We’re happy to help you celebrate your big day!

And last but not least was STr’s 4th birthday! STr brought his parents and grandparents to celebrate! He shared his two special stuffies Raspberry Wolf and a very cute Racecar driving mousie.

We looked at some baby photos of STr and marveled at how much he’s grown

Happy 4th Birthday STr!

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