Self Portraits

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by Alisha

All year we have been studying faces. We’ve used recycled materials and natural materials to create faces and have found faces in unexpected places. Before we started our self portraits last week, we talked a lot about the shapes that make up our faces. We studied each others faces and our own through sight and touch. Last week we had our first “appointments,” where the teacher has a special project prepared for a small group. The children drew their self portraits two at a time. Some children knew just what to do and got right to drawing. Some children, who may not usually gravitate toward drawing, were a bit apprehensive at first. I prompted hem to look closely at the shapes and lines that they see by asking questions like, “What shapes do you see?”, “What shape is your head?” “How many eyelashes do you have?” “What shapes make up your nose?” “Where does your mouth open?” “Do you have tiny teeth or big teeth?”

I wasn’t sure how this project would feel for this young of a group. Many of them haven’t had a lot of practice in representational drawing yet but by the end of each self portrait, the children were beaming with pride. I am blown away by how beautifully detailed they all are.

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