See You Later Amber!

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Today we say goodbye to our beloved teacher, Amber.  Well, at least we say, “see you later!” Amber may be leaving us as a full-time staff member that she has been for many years now, but we already have her on the calendar to substitute in a couple weeks, and parents are already taking advantage of her new babysitting availability, so we will definitely still have Amber in our lives!

Today we had another goodbye circle for Amber.  We made a giant card full of well-wishes, and many children made individual cards too.  Alisha read aloud the wishes we have for her on her new journey that included some new farm animals, treats, and wishing she’d never leave.

A basket full of smaller cards were sorted to their makers and the children got to give a card, a hug, a high five, or all 3 to Amber on their turn.

Next we asked Amber to tell us her phone number and we all pretended to dial it and call her in the future for babysitting, for a play-date, or to please have a party on her farm and then invite us!

We later read a book called, “Different Kinds of Goodbyes” that outline a variety of goodbyes: to the grocery clerk, to a friend you’ll see tomorrow, a friend moving far away, saying goodbye to a parent when you have two homes, a more permanent goodbye with a death of a loved one, etc.  Our hearts feel a little lighter knowing that this goodbye is just a “see you later”.

Tulip Tree Loves You Amber! See you again soon!

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