Saying goodbye to our friend

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by Alisha

Today Simone and Shohei joined us for a goodbye circle for our friend ST! ST has been with us since he was a baby at Elm House! They¬†told us all about their coming adventure. They will be going on a road trip in a camper van and when they come back, they will be moving to Japan! ST is very excited to eat his favorite foods and go to kindergarten in Japan. ST’s friends have been busy making him cards full of beautiful colors and love. We also made him a big card and wrote our wishes to him on the inside. One friend wished him “a nice journey,” one wished him a cake that he could eat everyday and many people wished him Ninjago Lego sets. We discussed the ways we can keep in contact with Sen. We can call, text, facetime, email and send letters. We will make sure to pass on their new address when we know it! Luckily we still have the rest of the day today and part of the day tomorrow to hang out with ST before he leaves!

It has been such a wonderful thing to get to know and love ST over the years. We will miss him so much!! Love you Sen!


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