Pushing the Limits

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By Kerry

Building is a staple activity in the classroom. The building room is constantly transforming at the whim of the children’s imaginations.  Most building projects have been confined to the walls of the block room but lately the projects have been bursting out into the hallway. The marble runs have been a great opportunity for the kids to build with a goal in mind. This week they pushed past their own expectations and built some very long marble runs, so long they didn’t even fit in the room.

A lot of trial and error go into to getting a marble to roll clear across the room and down the hallway without slowing or becoming obstructed. SM and AB work to make sure there is enough of an incline to keep the marble moving at a steady pace.

MH and HE look for obstructions and marbles that didn’t quite make it all the way through.

This marble run went from the far window all the way to the bathroom door. The children realized with this one that the long stretch of flat tubes was making the marbles slow down and stop before the end.  HE, EB and MH added some more height to the start of the run and got those marbles flying through, all the way to the end and beyond!

This group used the supports of the unit blocks to keep their tubes steady and insure a reliable result. Just before clean up time SM, AB and EB got their marble run to reach the main room. This got the attention of kids playing and inspired a new batch of friends to come and have a turn dropping marbles into the track.

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