Project Pollution

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By Kerry

The past month or so, the children have been diving in deep, exploring ways our actions affect the ocean ecosystem and ultimately our planet. In this particular experiment, the children tried first hand to undo some specific ways humans have polluted the ocean.

We began with a clean ocean setting. We gathered plastics you may find or use at the grocery store and added them to the ocean. Oh no!   We have also discussed drilling and our use of fossil fuels. Unfortunately, there was an accident and the oil leaked into the ocean. AAAAHHH! Then, groundwater that was polluted with toxic chemicals from landfills, agricultural pesticides or maybe waste from factories, finally made it to the ocean. NOOOOOOO!!! The children were very upset to see how dirty the water had become but also how the ocean life was affected. We needed to help! We made a plan about how we could clean up this mess. The children helped make a list of supplies and tools they would need to get the ocean back to the way it was. 

Last week we began the clean up process. Using the materials chosen by the children, they started by trying to remove all the garbage. Next, it was time to tackle the oil spill. The children helped the oily animals by removing them and taking them to a rehabilitation center where they were cleaned with dish soap and toothbrushes. On Friday we used a coffee filter in the final stage of out clean up. Did we succeed in clearing all the pollution from the ocean?







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