Preparing the Garden

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By Kerry

It’s that time of year again! The final frost has passed, the weather is warmer and the sun is out nearly every day. In preparation for the major gardening that will be happening after spring break,  we all sat down and read a book called Princess Chamomile’s Garden, where we learned that Princess Chamomile had to draw a picture of her plan for her garden before she could get to work planting. So we drew a little diagram of our garden and took ideas from the kids about what they’d like to plant this year. We had to talk about where the sunny spots were and where the shady spots were and what was already in the garden and what we predicted might come back from last year’s crop. The children were really excited to share all of their ideas about vegetables they’d like to plant  (and eat). They’re especially excited about corn, carrots, cucumbers, and potatoes.

It’s not too early for peas and sunflowers so we thought we’d start there. Katee built an arbor trellis across the path between garden beds and a few of the children helped plant peas around the base of the trellis. Meanwhile, we passed out sunflower seeds to anyone else that wanted to help . Hopefully we will have a whole lot of sunflowers mixed in with all of our fruits, vegetables and herbs when summer comes around.


On Thursday Katee brought shade friendly kale and mustard greens for the kids to plant in our less sunny portion of the garden. We went to investigate the garden bed where we wanted to plant them and quickly realized it was overrun with raspberry plant roots. Everywhere we tried to dig there were webs of thick roots going very deep into the garden bed. So we took out the pitchfork and turned over the soil.  The children jumped right into the garden bed and had a blast getting their hands dirty, plucking out all of the roots. It took us over an hour but the garden bed is ready for planting!


Any avid gardeners out there? Any cuttings or plants from home gardens we could propagate here at school?  Let us know if you are interested in helping with the garden in any way. We’d love for you to contribute to our little community through gardening; plus the children take a lot of pride in sharing things from home, especially you!











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