Playing with Simple Machines

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By Kerry

We began talking informally about simple machines when the children were using an assortment of levers to remove some golf tees stuck in a cardboard box.

Lately, simple machines are showing up in play more and more often!

LG and SM built a lever and tried to launch some balls across the yard then started using it to lift each other off the ground. It took four children to lift me off the ground, a humbling experiment.


We found some clamps in the shed. STr and EP used the screws on the clamps to hold together pieces of wood when tape and string just wouldn’t cut it.


The kids use tongs, scissors, stairs and bikes everyday without even realizing their ingenuity.


What is a machine anyway? We discussed the question and decided that a machine is anything that makes hard work easier. The children do hard work all day and invent machines to help them constantly.

I want to get the bucket full of water to the playhouse but it’s heavy and spilling when I carry it… why don’t I put it in the dump truck and roll it!

I want to knock down all those blocks with this car but it won’t go fast enough… I’ll build a ramp!

I wonder what other machines we use everyday without realizing and if there are more ways we can think to make all the work we do a little easier.

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