Pinky and Bun Bun’s Trust Bridge

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by Alisha

Once upon a time there was  a little pig named Pinky and a little bunny named Bun Bun. On Pinky and Bun Bun’s first day of preschool they were SO nervous. Pinky got to school first and realized that there were lots of fun things to do! Pinky was a tiny bit nervous but mostly excited. Then Bun Bun showed up to school. Bun Bun was sooo nervous and worried that they cried and cried and cried. Bun Bun asked the teacher for a bit a space and the teacher was glad to give them that but made sure to check in. Pinky noticed that Bun Bun was crying so she went up to them and said, “Hi! What’s your name? Mine is Pinky. When I first got to school, I was nervous too! Then I noticed there were sooo many fun things- I can show them to you! Want to play with me?” Bun Bun said yes! Then something happened…

A Trust Bridge started forming between them!

A while later, Bun Bun and Pinky were playing chase outside. Bun Bun, who was very fast,  was running after Pinky. When Bun Bun caught up to Pinky, they grabbed Pinky’s leg excitedly. They jumped up and down while still holding on to Pinky’s leg. Pinky felt like she would fall over and said, “Stop! I don’t like that! It hurts my leg.” Bun Bun stopped RIGHT AWAY and checked in with Pinky. And something happened again….

More of the Trust Bridge started to form!

In the winter, a couple months later, Pinky and Bun Bun were playing out side. They were playing chase this time. This time a puppy named Woof Woof was the one chasing. Woof Woof said, “Pinky, you are so slow!! I can catch up to you because I am way faster ! Ha-Ha!! Pinky’s feelings were very hurt. Bun Bun hopped up and said, “Woof Woof, that hurt Pinky’s feelings! Please do not say that about my friend!” Woof Woof realized what he had done and checked in with Pinky. Bun Bun stuck up for Pinky and something happened AGAIN…

Even more Trust Bridge was formed!

Well Pinky and Bun Bun were very good friend and played a lot by spring time. One morning at school, Pinky and Bun Bun were drawing with crayons. They were both sooooo excited about their drawings. Pinky thought she was making her most favorite drawing she’d ever made. Then Pinky asked Bun Bun to watch her artwork while she went to the bathroom really quick. When Pinky was in the bathroom, Bun Bun accidentally tipped over a teapot and spilled hibiscus tea all over Pinky’s favorite drawing. Bun Bun thought for a second that maybe they should say they didn’t do it- that it was Woof Woof who spilled the tea. But Bun Bun decided to tell the truth because Pinky was her friend. They trusted that Pinky would be able to forgive them for their accident. When Pinky came back, Bun Bun told her what happened, got a towel to clean up the mess and got Pinky another piece of paper and helped her recreate her favorite drawing. And….

The Trust Bridge got very strong!

Pinky and Bun Bun’s Trust Bridge could just keep getting stronger and more beautiful- cables, hand rails or intricate designs could be added over time.


We used this story as a way to talk about trust. Who do we trust? Why do we trust them? Can trust bridges be broken? Built back up again? This is something we will continue exploring through storytelling and through our own artwork about our own trust bridges with people we know. Here’s some of the work we did today thinking about our own trust bridges with family or friends-

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  1. This idea really got through to Zachary, and she brought it up several times when good and not so good things happened between us. She is really taking in the idea of how trust forms and shifts. Thank you!

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