Ocean Theme Emerging

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By Lauren: On Monday morning I walked into the sounds of whales coming from the Elm Room. Megan is absorbed in some ocean play with the children. Children sit in contemplation as the sounds of whales emerge from Megan’s phone.

Later in the day, ZS looks out the studio window: “There’s whales!”
Lauren: “You see whales outside?”

ZS points towards tree: “There, with the wings, flying whales”
In the previous pictures…
RT and ZS are drawing on a large piece of paper taped to the wall. They are joining this activity after other children had already drawn on the paper. RT is busy interpreting the drawings that are already present:

RT, pointing to a group of scribbles: “This is a shark attack area.”
ZS: “No, it’s not!”
RT: “Yes, it is, it is a shark attack area.”
Teacher: “It sounds like you have different ideas about what that drawing is of.”
ZS: “Yeah, we have different ideas.”
Teacher:  “RT, why do you think that is a shark attack area?”
RT: “Because of these stucky lines.”
RT makes a large sweeping motion with the marker across the paper: “You start over here, but then if you go by the stucky lines a shark attack will happen.”
Teacher: “That’s an interesting interpretation of the drawing. ZS, what do you think it is a picture of?”
ZS: “Actually, it is a shark attack area. I see the stucky lines now.”

 This emerging interest in the ocean among the children has inspired me to explore an ocean theme. I look forward to exploring the interests of our children and staff as we learn about the ocean together. One thing I’d love to do is bring my ukulele into the classroom. I’m wondering, does your family have any ocean songs they sing at home? What kinds of experiences has your child had with the ocean?

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  1. I love this, Lauren! I was with the first group of children who used that paper and there were a LOT of whales being drawn. More whales were drawn early this morning. I love that multiple cohorts are talking about the ocean right now even though they haven’t intermingled much in the interim. Can’t wait to hear your ukulele. I know ML loves singing “Baby Beluga”-Bee

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