Noticing, Wondering, Hypothesizing

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Katee: I got this interesting gift from my dad to bring to school. What do you notice about it??

Unknown: There’s a bush in there.

DB: There’s magic in there that it can get smaller when it goes through the middle and then turn bigger at the other end!

Katee: It does look pretty big.

EB: I think it could fall apart.

Katee: EB said that it looks big but that it can fall apart to go through that tiny spot.

CL: I’m guessing it’s a timer.

EP: Yeah, it’s really a timer.

HE: Maybe the glass is half made as a top and then they put that sand in there?

Katee: Oh yeah, how did they get it in there?

ZP: Make sure you do not break it!

Katee: Does it look fragile?

LG: Yeah, that outside looks like glass, so that’s fragile.

DB: Can I tell you something? I think they first put the bush thing on this side and then they set it on the square thing with the bottom glass and then they built the rest of the parts of the glass. But they first used glue to glue that thing to it.

ER: I think that it goes really tall and touches the ceiling and then it could turn into a type of animal that is a dinosaur.

SM: When I was going to paint my nails with my mama, before we goed to lunch, we saw people blowing up glass.

Katee: Has anyone else ever seen people blow glass?

DB: I have a book about  lots of stories and one picture is about someone who has a giant thing that he used to make the shape and its super hot and then it cools down.

Katee: Interesting.. They got it really hot. Is that what you saw too, SM?

SM: Yeah, it was a very hot stove.

DB: And then when it cools they call people to give it to other people.

SM: They put it on the shelf…

Katee: Does anyone else have other ideas about this interesting gift that we got?

EB: I think if you flip it over, it will fall apart.

Katee: Should we try it?

Kids: YEAH!!!!

(Pulls it off it’s base)

SM: Is it sand???

DB: What?? It comes off? It wasn’t glued!! And now it came apart like that.

HE: Now let’s see…. It’s sand!

Katee: We have to be very quiet when i flip it so we can watch it!

(flips it over and sets it down on it’s magnetic base)

DB: It’s makin shapes when it falls!

Kids: Wowwww… Woah…. OOOooo….

BS: Makin shapes when it falls!

LG: Now it’s makin that thing that it built first.

ER: It looks like a plant.

EB: It’s making it bigger!

BS: It’s getting bigger and bigger.

(It is done falling down)

DB: Now can you please keep it like that and please pass it around?? I have an idea! Do it..

Katee: I’m wondering what that stuff is made of on the inside?

ER: Do it again!!!!

SM: It’s metal!!!

DB: Metal and magnets! I think this stuff is metal and this is a magnet.

FC: I think I had an idea for you to do something. Maybe this thing is metal and that’s why it unsticks to this because magnets unstick. If the magnet unsticks to sand… Great!

Katee: You guys are really wondering about things, making ideas, testing things out and figuring it out! 


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