New Mushrooms Every day

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By Katee

“I’m in the Mushroom Fan Club!” – ER

The children have been increasingly wanting to hunt for mushrooms outside lately, and we are lucky to have an abundance of fungus here in our yard with all of our trees, wet leaves, and stumps.  It’s like nature’s little treasure hunt and even the teachers really don’t know what we’re gonna find! We found all kinds of strange things growing today and only a couple were fungi that we saw last week. It’s incredible how much fungus can change so quickly. Some of the mushrooms we saw last week were gone or droopy, and so many new ones had sprung up.  The children are learning that mushrooms are really a connected network of threads underground and so we may see new ones pop up in the same place we have seen them before.  The children are also learning that fungus can look A LOT of different ways. Heres some of our treasure from today:

But we also found some pretty common-looking specimens and dissected them for a closer look:

We talked about the parts of a typical mushroom and helped label a mushroom drawing during circle. Next we looked in our “Mushroom Fan Club” book and found instructions on doing a spore print. Tomorrow we’ll lift them carefully off the paper and see if we caught any spores (aka “powder seeds”, aka “s’mores”).

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