Mushrooms in the Rain

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by Alisha

Today at circle time Katee read a book called “Mushrooms in the Rain”. The story is about a little ant who finds shelter from the rain under a small mushroom. Other soaking wet animals came to seek shelter and each time they were able to fit even though the mushroom seemed small at first! Finally the sun comes out and a wise frog chuckles at their confusion. The story ends by saying, “What happens to mushrooms in the rain??…. They grow!” The children acted out the story as she read while the other children participated by making rain sounds on the ground.

As we read the book we noticed it was pouring outside our window and wondered if the rain made mushrooms grow in our very own yard. So we put on our rain gear and decided to go on a mushroom hunt. We found so many different types of mushrooms, including puff ball mushrooms, which we pressed to release poofs of spores. (check out our instagram @tuliptreepreschool to see a video!) Afterwards we were all so excited about mushrooms, we read a book called “Mushroom Fanclub”, which told us more information about some of the mushrooms we found in our yard.

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