Mushroom Town

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By Katee

Maybe it started with a book, maybe it began with a sighting on the yard, but these children have been pretty excited about mushrooms lately.  So we gathered more books, and we sought out more sightings, and the excitement grew and grew.  And then one day, just about a week ago, we decided to grow our very own mushrooms inside the classroom.  We bought two kits of different varieties to explore the diversity of fungus- pink oysters and shiitake.

We looked around for a place that was out of the sunlight from our giant windows and settled on transforming the fireplace! “Is that a mushroom town?”, asked EB. “Well, I guess it is!”, Alisha said.

So we decorated the town with sticks and moss, and surrounded it with our favorite mushroom books, and tools we’d need- a spray bottle, and a magnifying glass.

A group of children also made some small books to record their findings in as they watched the mushrooms grow.  Kerry had recently taken them on a walk around the neighborhood with clipboards of paper for their “field notes”, and so we also expanded on this excitement through making real little notebooks with a stick-and-rubber band binding.

Well, we didn’t have to wait long to see the fruits of our labor.  When we left on Thursday (and teachers on Friday), there was a small pink patch of polka-dots, and when we arrived on Monday- WOAH!

We let them grow a couple more days until the pink oysters had a little curl on the edges, and today it was time to harvest!

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