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by Mage

The youngest group of children have always done a lot of self-care in the bathroom, and lately that self-care has gone even further. It’s pretty impressive for children who are still under the age of two by several months.

These children have always done standing diaper changes at school. Sometimes they would assist with pulling their pants down/up and wiping themselves. Later they all began to take interest in sitting on the toilet, so now they sit on the toilet during most diaper changes. We’d been doing this routine for so long that the children had stopped engaging with it, so it was time to start adding more to the routine. This is the first time I’ve added to the changing routine with any group of children.

So now in addition to the above, they also open the drawer, take out the wipes, and put the wipes away. This is actually challenging enough for them that they enjoy it–they all go straight for the drawer as soon as they come into the bathroom.

The development of clothes changing skills has been incredible to watch, too. They are all getting more involved in pulling their pants up and down. MC can actually put on a pair of jeans by herself. To put this in perspective, when I am teaching the older children, I have noticed that several of them still show little interest in pulling their pants up or down, let alone pulling up a tight pair of jeans by themselves. Not to suggest that there’s anything wrong with that–that’s actually what I would consider pretty typical. Which is why this development is noteworthy.

I’m not sure why they are so interested in bathroom self-care. Often cohorts will take interest in something that is unique to them, so perhaps this is one of the things that is unique to this year’s Nest cohort. I am curious to see how much further they will go with this, and how much will develop over the next few months.

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