Love Day!

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by Alisha

We love love!  We had a very busy valentines morning full of excited, loving energy. We’ve been exploring what “love” means. What is it? How does your body feel when you are loving? What does it look like? How do you show love?

At circle time we got a note in a special envelope that said, “Tulip Tree, I love you all SO much! Love, your secret admirer.” BUT THEN, Love Dragon couldn’t contain herself. She confessed that it was her and that she just loves us all a lot. The children were all delighted to give love dragon a hug or high five.

We also practiced saying, “I love you” in different languages, including American Sign Language.

Later we played a drawing game were each child added to the same drawing. We ended up creating a really cute little heart creature. Then we all pretended to be the creature…

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