Lights, Camera, Action….

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by Alisha


Once upon a time there lived two princesses. One named Goldie and one named Lilly. And there lived a prince and the prince lived with the princesses and there lived a dragon. But it wasn’t just any dragon… It was an everything dragon! and he loved with both of the princesses too! They all walked through the woods and then they found their baby princesses resting on a log with their stroller. And it was a snowy day. So they took their babies home and the prince made a fire. And the princesses made a stew. And they all worked together to make a delicious meal and then some other everything dragons came and they all ate the delicious meal. The end. -CL

Once upon a time there was a frog who lived in a pond and it walked through some leaves and it’s on a lilly pad. And it jumped to the edge of the water. And then princess Tiana came and said, “Hello, my frog.” It jumped to the middle of the pond. And the frog hided under water because a monster was coming! But then saw some flowers underwater and lilly pads under water- which was probably just the reflection of the lillypads. The frog saw the monster under water. The frog looked over and saw his mom and dad! Then it saw it’s brother and Tiana kissed the frog. and then it got out but jumped back in, swam to his family and had a very good dinner. Then they went to bed. The end. -MH, SM, HE

Once upon a time there was a little bear. Then there was a mama bear. Then the baby bear wondered off without his mama in the forest by himself! Then the baby found his sister bears house! Then the sister let him in the house! Then the little baby bear, when he was ready to leave, his sister let him out the door. then there was a fox and the fox was scary. Then there was a little bunny who was very nice and asked, “Where’s your mommy?” The bear said, “I lost her!” Then the bear found his mama bear and said, “Mommy!!” The end. -FC

Once upon a time there was a little baby baby fox that was not nice with his mama and his mama was not nice too and there was a nice little bear and his saw a fox. And the fox said, “Mmmmm, that little bear looks tasty.” And then they maked birthday cake all together and then they make a real gingerbread man. And then the gingerbread man talked! and then they all went home and made that birthday cake for grandma! The end –AB

Once upon a time there was a little baby kitty cat that was not nice and then a lion came out and said, “Fee, Fi, Fo! I like eating kitties, so can I eat you up for dinner?” “No!” said the kitty. Then the lion forgot about the kitty. Then along comes a big moose that says,”Fee, Fi, Fo! I like eating kitties, so can I eat you up for breakfast?” “No!” said the kitty.  The moose forgot about eating the kitty for breakfast and then along came a mountain goat and says,”Fee, Fi, Fo! I like eating kitties, so can I eat you up for lunch?” “No!Fee, Fi, Fo!” said the kitty. Then all of the animals brushed their teeth, jumped into bed and went to sleep. The end. -EB

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  1. It looks like you all had a wonderful time exploring characters and story elements. Thanks for sharing your creations with us! — Joey

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