Lauren’s First Day at Elm House!

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By Lauren: Yesterday was my first day at Elm House and I am thrilled to join this learning community. As I entered the Den in the morning I asked the children, “Can I join you?” and was greeted with an enthusiastic “Yes!” from HB. I responded, “Wow, I feel very welcome.” and HB replied, “You are welcome!” What a way to start the day!

Transitions can be tough for this age, or, let’s be honest, any age. Saying goodbye to a trusted teacher and being introduced to a new one can be confusing, especially after weeks of substitutes. Because of this, I feel like it is my responsibility to find my place in the rhythm of Elm House quickly and compassionately. SM echoed some of my thoughts on this new phase at Elm House while outside:

SM: “When are you going to leave?”
Lauren: “I’ll be here all day.”
SM: “But not tomorrow.”
Lauren: “Actually, I’ll be here everyday from now on!”
SM: “Oh good!”

From there the day moved quickly and smoothly, with both teachers and children welcoming me into the fold.

CG and HA experimented with balancing on books while waiting for the bathroom:

LR and ML shared ideas with each other and me as they drew airplanes outside:

SM, MS, ML, CW and HB played cooperatively as they pretended to fix the roof of our playhouse with “stick tools”:

And JL and CW shared a companionable laugh as they pretended to sleep at the end of the day:

As your child’s new teacher, I look forward to finding the little moments of joy each day as we grow and learn together. If my first day is anything like the rest of this year, I’d say it’s going to be a good one!

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