Kulakoops and Monkey Babies

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By Bee

Right before our break I put up some artwork by Brian Froud that depicts different faeries and pixies. I wondered what the children would think of them. The following is a transcription of a conversation they provoked.


Im seeing some signs of things that aren’t real. They might be kind of scary, but might be kinda not. They are monkey babies. Monkey babies are like alligators. They get close to things and they can snap at you.

Monkey Babies

Oh! And look! Over here is a Kulakoop. Kulakoops eat fish.

A Kulakoop

I didn’t know that Kulakoops eat fish. What else do they like to do?

Kulakoops..um…see that Kulakoop right there?

Yeah! I do see that Kulakoop! Do Kulakoops go to sleep?

Yeah. They do. During the day.

They sleep during the day?!


And they are awake at nighttime? 


What do they do while they are awake?

Well, they hunt for little critters and stuff.

That sounds like hard work. Do they have families?

Yeah. They do! But…Kulakoops have monkey babies. That’s one of their families.

Oh! The Kulakoops take care of the monkey babies?! I didn’t know that!

Mmhm! They do!

How do they take care of them?

Um, I gotta go check. Well, they just help them.

They help the monkey babies? 

Yeah! A monkey baby is a monkey that is a monkey, and also a baby person at the same time. 

I think I understand. The Kulakoops take care of the baby monkeys because they are part of their family.

Yeah. They are related. But they aren’t related to these ones. See, look. These ones are regular monkeys, not baby monkeys. Only the baby monkeys are related to the Kulakoops

Regular Monkeys

Wow! You know so much about Kulakoops and their families! Thank you for teaching me!

Yeah! No problem.


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