Jump Up Transformation Tunnel

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by Alisha

We often get questions from parents about “The Jump Up Song.”  It is a song we sing every day to excuse children from our lunch circle to wash hands for lunch. If you want to know more about what the song is, you can read this blog I made a couple  years ago with the lyrics!

For the first part of our school year, we were having a lot of challenges lining up to wash hands for lunch. One of the problems was that people were continuing to pretend they were the animal they pretended to be for jump up! So if they chose to be a T-Rex with giant claws for our jump up song, they would also be a T-Rex with giant claws in line, which doesn’t work out too well!

Then Katee got a tunnel for our classroom and we decided to call it “The Transformation Tunnel.” You can enter the tunnel as any animal but you always come out as a preschooler!


And here are some photos from another day on the other side…

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