Hibernation Hunters

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by Katee

Yesterday some of us ventured out of the gates of school and walked the neighborhood in search of squirrel nests.  There is more than one nest visible from our yard and we went exploring to find more.  I told them that when all the leaves leave the trees, we can better see the nests the squirrels build- they look like leaf piles that got caught in crooks of the branches on their journey downward.


Some friends found a pile of leaves on the sidewalk.  Could this be a squirrel nest?  Did it fall and crash here?


Is that one over there?! It’s hard to see in the pine trees.


Someone spies a hole in a mossy wall and we all wonder if mice might make a nest in that cozy little spot.


Another person spies some scratches in the sidewalk and wonders, “who has been here? Did it have sharp claws?”.


Wait, we see one far away in that huge tall tree next to the little market!


Lets, get closer…yes it IS a squirrel nest! Way up at the top! We found one!


Wait everyone! Look at what we found here!  Is it a raccoon nest?! Is there anything in there?!I check carefully to make sure the coast is clear and then lift each of them up to see.




I wonder how many squirrel nests you can spot just on your way to school?  It can be an incredible feeling to be reminded that we are sharing this world, this city, this neighborhood, with many other creatures.



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