Goodbyes and Rainbows!

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by Alisha

Our  last week of school for the school year has been filled with excitement and sadness and everything in between. We have had lots of feelings this week! Some people will be moving on to kindergarten in the fall, some people will be going to different schools in the fall, some people will be here for the summer and some will not. It can be a little bit anxiety inducing to have all of these transitions coming up with different people going every which way. For the past few weeks we have been talking more about about where everyone will be using wooden blocks with each child’s face on them. I ask them, “Where will you be in the fall?” and they are able to place their block in areas designated “Tulip Tree”, “kindergarten” or “new school”.  Graduates have had a chance to tell us all which kindergarten they will be attending and how they are feeling about it. Most people have said they feel excited and nervous at the same time! We have been role playing introducing ourselves to new people and asking to join into play. Year after year I see that practicing these skills helps to reduce (some) of the anxiety around this time of year. I know all of these children have a lot of ideas about how to make new friends and will do just that when the time comes!

We have also tried to make this week extra fun with our pajama day at the beginning of the week and “wear your favorite color day” day yesterday. We ended up having such a beautiful rainbow of colors!

We all lined up in rainbow order. It was very tricky to stay in order but we even had a mini rainbow parade inside and around the circle rug for Nora, who was cooking lunch! 

We have had such a great school year with all of these amazing children. Thank you for being such a supportive and sweet community.  We will miss all of you who are moving on to new things and are excited to spend the summer with some of you. We love you all!! Hope to see all of you at our graduation celebration on Wednesday, June 27th at 5pm!

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