Focused and Busy Together

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by Alisha

This morning was one of those mornings that every teacher who is inspired by the schools of Reggio Emilia loves to be a part of.  This morning was alive with busy and focused children and teachers all working, exploring, inspiring and being inspired together.  I love to see our classroom start to grow and transform with the children’s ideas and projects. Our explorations lead us to all work together to create hanging cellophane in the window to create colorful shadows on the ground. Our explorations also lead us to create a “tape workshop” within our building room, which the children decided could accommodate 2 children at a time. When you come into our classroom next, what other new additions do you notice??


2 Comments on “Focused and Busy Together”

  1. Awesome! C loves building with tape and paper–I think she feels really powerful when she can make things stick together just like she wants them.

    1. Yes! C is so into it! This morning she said, “let me see your wrist.” Then she measured my wrist with paper and made me a really awesome “cat tail watch.”

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