Finding what’s Fallen

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by Katee

Can you believe the first days of Fall are already behind us and tomorrow starts October?!

As we’ve been talking about elements of a face and creating faces out of buttons and paper, bottle caps and rubber bands, we have also been looking at making faces out of natural elements.  Today we read the book , “Leaf Man” which presents so many beautiful illustrations of faces and creatures collaged from leaves.  The children excitedly pointed out the hidden figures in the book and made connections with the leaves we could see outside. They told me what happen to leaves in fall and as we went outside to play so many children were buzzing with excitement about collecting the interesting leaves they found.  So we got a basket and started foraging all over.

We were curious which leaf might have the most colors (so far 4 colors on one leaf is in the lead and we are keeping our eyes peeled for a leaf with 5 colors). Some were prized for their interesting margin- maybe its spiky, or heart shaped, or a little chewed on by something mysterious.

Some had changed but were one solid new color, and some treasures weren’t leaves at all, but a new facial feature made from something else our outdoor space had provided.

And of course we needed to find the biggest leaves and compare them to the size of our own faces!

We are going to do a lot more exploration of faces and also of the changing seasons. If you see a leaf at home, or maybe on your walk to school to share with us, please feel free to bring it in to show us!

2 Comments on “Finding what’s Fallen”

  1. Aha! That explains the comment at dinner tonight “I see over there…that orange tree… it looks like the face of a dead coyote”
    My first thought was- these early sunsets sure play tricks on us at dinner time.
    My second thought – maybe she’s too young to have let her watch the lion king?
    I’m delighted by this new explanation!

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