Child’s Eye View

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Today ZP said to Katee, “I want to take a picture of my beautiful self and everyone else.” We used to have digital cameras reserved for children to take photos, but the batteries died and we don’t have the specific chargers needed for them! So Katee told ZP that if she was able to use lots of care and gentleness, that she could use the teacher camera. With extra gentle care, she held the big camera with two hands and walked slowly around the commons. She made sure to ask each person before taking a photo of them. She asked, “Do you want a picture of yourself??” or “Can I take a picture of you right here?”. Once in a while she let out a giggle and said, “I just love this soooo much!” Here is what she captured this morning (click to enlarge)-


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  1. Love!!! Thanks for trusting her with that camera! Can’t wait to show this blog to her…

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