Why the White Room?

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“It’s like a place for wish magic!”- CL by Katee At our Reggio-inspired school we are called to be facilitators of exploration.  We set out provocations to provoke wonder, curiosity, engagement, reflection, and learning through experience.  We follow the children throughout the year, carefully listening, trying to understand the hundred languages that each child speaks to us and build ideas … Read More

I Spy A House

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by Alisha Today at circle we played a kind of map scavenger hunt. We sat in audience seating to all look at the maps that parents drew of their favorite places. Laura spied different things on the wall and had children point them out. We found trees, bridges, hearts, houses, water and one very tall building with lots of windows.After circle Laura … Read More


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by Sarah Lu This morning we were met first thing by a text from LRK’s dad. It was a special thank you on his daughter’s last day of official school here at Tulip Tree, after spending three years with us. It was followed by OH and his dad coming in and giving us a special gift. OH’s dad was very teary, … Read More