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In the rain today, as the kids were mixing up poison, I again asked “Do you think that they’re bad guys, or just people who make bad decisions?” Most of the kids agreed that they were people who made bad decisions. We twisted the game into that of a rehabilitation center, where I could still play the Bad Guy, but now I went there to get warm, get some love and understanding, and a nice cup of chamomile tea to calm me down. This felt like a big step.

Growth and Change

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It was out in the open that this change is upon us, that we are all continuing to grow, that it is okay to have multiple feelings about the future and that each child is not alone in their sadness, happiness, fear and excitement. I was renewed in my connection to this group and truly moved by their dance of development, struck by all the changes they have experienced in their relatively short lives and their incredible resilience with each new stage. I guess I won’t look for data entry jobs after all…

Elephant Wall

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Elephants are symbols of the removing and places of obstacles in one’s way, depending on what one needs to learn. This seems like such an apropos symbol for preschoolers, and for the way we learn here. We also know about elephants, that they are extremely emotionally intelligent, and take care of their pack. This is another perfect symbol for the work that we do here. It feels fated for us to have an elephant wall.