Preparing the Garden

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By Kerry It’s that time of year again! The final frost has passed, the weather is warmer and the sun is out nearly every day. In preparation for the major gardening that will be happening after spring break,  we all sat down and read a book called Princess Chamomile’s Garden, where we learned that Princess Chamomile had to draw a … Read More

Let the Planting Begin!

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By Kerry In the sunny days before Spring Break, the classroom started to buzz with excitement from the first signs of spring.  Plants all over the neighborhood were growing greener and flowers began to bloom everywhere we looked.  Peeking out on our garden beds, seeing dull, empty soil, inspired us to start planning the garden! We sat down and brainstormed … Read More

Caring for our baby plants

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by Megan A few weeks ago we started the first steps of planting our backyard garden. I love the tradition of starting seeds inside with the children. We can get an up close view of the sprouting of the seeds and are easily able to care for the plants from the very beginning. With all of our work this year … Read More


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By Nora If there’s one big takeaway from my first couple months with the children it’s probably the importance of spontaneous teaching and learning. Often these two are happening simultaneously. Even if I enter a garden circle with one idea of what I plan to teach, we often come out the other end talking about something I never anticipated (for instance, … Read More

Winter Gardens

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  By Megan This week Nora, a teacher from Tulip Tree Preschool, came to Elm House to help us talk with the children about gardens. The children were invited to think about what kinds of foods might grow in a garden, to make the shape of that food with their bodies, and got to taste Rosemary and Chives.