Now Shanti is Three

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By Laura Today, Haio and Bernadette joined us for Shanti’s birthday celebration.We learned that Shanti loved to bounce up and down on a ball as a baby. In fact, the very first time she laughed she was bouncing. When Shanti was one year old, she would wander over to the ice cream vendor at the park and stand in line–all … Read More

Roy’s 4th Birthday Celebration

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By Laura We celebrated Roy’s birthday today with his parents, Kirsten and Mimy. We learned that Roy was born in California and spent a lot of time in the sun and at the beach as a baby. When he was one year old, Roy attended his first baseball game. Some of his friends made the “connection” sign–they have been to … Read More

Valentine Excitement

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By Cheryl   Earlier this week, children worked on paintings that would become valentines:   Today some of the painting became flags! The excitement is building – Tuesday’s parade should be really fun!    

Ujia Is Three!

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by Cheryl Today we celebrated Ujia’s third birthday which was in late November.  We have so many November birthdays that we appreciate everyone’s flexibility in scheduling a day to celebrate the occasion at school. Ujia’s mom Hillary, told us that Ujia was born at home in water.  His middle name, Finch, came from a special event that happened on the … Read More

We Celebrate Willa

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By Laura Today Willa’s mom and brother, Amy and Jonah, joined us to celebrate Willa’s third birthday. The children gathered around the birthday table to watch Willa build her candle ring. Amy told us about Willa’s brave climbing skills and her love for chocolate. After a round of “Happy Birthday” Willa blew out all three lit candles. And it was … Read More

Now, Lois is three.

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By Laura Today is Lois’ birthday. In the morning we had a celebration that will continue this afternoon when Mary Gage comes in to share photos and stories. Lois was presented with her crown and card. Her classmates had many wishes for her including: a new pink chair, an excavator, a phone, a purse, a banana and chocolate cake with … Read More

Spooky Times

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By Laura Two witches flew in on their broomsticks today–a tall witch named Calamity and a shorter witch named Doondik. They wore tall, pointed hats and spoke with creaky voices. . . Later, we decided that a spookier Commons might encourage more special visitors. We worked together to transform the space. The children added leaves, sticks and spiny balls to … Read More

Arly and Boone Turn Four!

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By Laura Today we celebrated Boone and Arly’s birthday in typical Tulip Tree fashion. We learned that their parents referred to them as baby A and baby B, before they decided on the names Arly and Boone when they were born. Also, these two have been riding skateboards since they were two years old! One of the choice time centers … Read More

Linny and Perry are Four!!

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By Cheryl What a busy, busy day!  Our classroom was bustling with preparations to celebrate the birthday of Linny and Perry, one of our three set of twins!  We followed our birthday ritual, making crowns, cards, and birthday wishes.  After Becky shared photos from each year of the twin’s life, we sang our birthday song for the candle lighting.  After … Read More

Important Rituals and Routines

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By Cheryl Birthdays are a special time we enjoy celebrating in our classroom.  These are special monthly events.  During our birthday celebrations, we routinely coordinate a child chosen healthy treat with parents.  Jaco chose soft pretzels.  Pictures of each year of the child’s life is also part of our birthday ritual.  Today, Jess, Jaco’s mom, shared with us that Jaco … Read More