“What Are You Playing?”

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by Alisha

The children couldn’t get enough outside time on this beautiful day. Everyone was full of ( very active) energy and imagination. Every corner of the commons was utilized today and it great to see the creative use of materials in almost every area. Today I spent my time wandering from person to person or group to ask “What are you playing?”


DH: This protects us from the hot lava. You are in the hot lava!  HJ: This is our bed.


S: Help! I’m trapped!


VH: I’m painting!


CPR: This is our trap. We’re the bad guys


OR: My head touches the branches. What if you could pick all the apples from up here?


O: Hi!! I’m right here!


A: It wants to keep falling over when I roll it. Teacher: You are catching it every time. A: I did it!


RR: Pretend this is our bed


AH: This is for me to lay in. You can’t walk across the top. It’s not sturdy enough. It is just to keep the sun out


A: I want to climb and wing on that, but who will do it with me? DH: I will!


WG: Oh, perfect. I’ll use this for a lever. Oh yeah, that will work.


AG jumps up and lands on a pile of sand multiple times. On the last time he accidentally falls after he lands. He doesn’t get hurt and immediately starts laughing, which makes everyone laugh.

DSC_0113 DSC_0069

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